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Monthly subscriptions for free-to-air channels

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Install your GOtv account

  1. Connect your decoder to the TV using the Audio and Video (AV) cables provided. Connect the GOtenna to the decoder. The GOtenna has double sided tape to assist in fixing it to a place which has the best reception. Connect the decoder power supply, the decoder should switch on.

  2. Switch the TV on and press the AV button on the TV remote control to go to the appropriate AV channel. After a few seconds the GOtv logo will appear. The screen will automatically change to show the set up screen after a few seconds.  Now select your language option, press OK, select your country, press OK, on Active Antenna, if using a stub antenna (provided in the decoder packaging), Press OK, the decoder will start scanning.

    NOTE: The decoder will take approximately six minutes to scan through the channels. Be patient as the decoder scans.

  3. Once the decoder has finished scanning it will indicate the number of services acquired. Press OK to continue, the decoder will take you to the GO Channel. Stay on this channel until the activation process is completed. This channel has instructions on how to activate your decoder, where to make payments, the self-help options available and where the terms and conditions can be obtained. If the decoder does not acquire services, it will automatically take you to the signal detection screen. Adjust your antenna by moving it around the room, until the signal level goes above 50% on the TV screen before pressing OK to rescan the decoder again. Try turning the antenna upright (vertically) or in a flat position (horizontally) and make sure that there are no obstructions in the direction of the transmitter. If all fails, please contact your Accredited GOtv Installer or the GOtv Contact Center.

  4. Activating the decoder: Once you see the GO Channel your decoder is now ready for activation. Under your decoder you’ll find a red sticker with a number on it. You must always use this number when contacting GOtv. DO NOT USE THE NUMBER ON THE WHITE BAR CODE STICKER UNDER YOUR DECODER. You must only use the number on the red sticker under your decoder. You must also refer to the number on the red sticker only as your reference number when making payments.

  5. To activate your account you must SMS the word “activate” and the number on the red sticker under your decoder to the short code number for your country. Please make sure you use the number on the red sticker only and that you type the number correctly before sending the SMS. Please ensure your decoder is switched on when you send the SMS.


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GOTV Decoder

GOTV Decoder

Monthly subscriptions for free-to-air channels

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